Partying Like It’s 1990

  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses are like spammers in many ways.
  2. I bought Dead Space today but didn’t play it at all as the tee vee was occupado when I wanted to use it. So I tried the King’s Bounty demo on my PC instead. It suffers from what I call book-in-hand syndrome. It’s where the battle animations take so long that the only way to play it is with book-in-hand. My title of choice is China Mieville’s The Scar. A damn fine writer he. Maybe the full version has a way to speed it up?

    It is otherwise an extremely enjoyable Might and Magic clone that itself is a remake of a game that Might and Magic was a clone of? I think? I got to fight a guy named “Beardless Joe” who clearly had a beard and told a town eldar worried about a missing miller that he should be worrying about his carbs. That’s pretty enjoyable right there without overextending itself as a comedy game like the Penny Arcade game does. I just may pick up the full version.

  3. I also watched the presidential debate this evening. We are so incredibly fucked.

One thought on “Partying Like It’s 1990

  1. King’s Bounty was the forerunner to Heroes of Might & Magic. They were both made by New World Computing originally, though HoMM5 and the KB remake are by russian developers.

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