What with the recent quarduple decimation (see use three) of the financial markets and the upcoming election, people sure seem to be in a bad mood. And it is easy to be surly online because no one gives you that come-on-are-you-really-saying-that look. I’ve been fairly negative recently, too. It seems like every blog in existance is full of shades of anger, sarcasm, fear, mean-spiritedness and doubt.

Periodically, I need to remind myself to be less grumpy and more positive. Every time I read Robin’s blog, I’m reminded what a breath of fresh air positive things written by nice people can be. Other blogs too, I just wanted to single out hers.

Dead Space, LittleBigPlanet, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout 3 are all coming soon. If even one of them lives up to their hype, we will be having good times from now until Christmas.

One of my roommates just got Wii Fit and I’m super surprised at how much the game belittles you. Those who think Nintendo coddles players need to fire this up. It made my poor Mii a blimp! Then it told me I didn’t know how to breathe. It insinuated that one of our friends would have trouble walking and it maxed out the needle on a friend’s BMI test. Wii Fit means business!

Alright, off to purge so Wii Fit will like me!

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