Nintendo And Somalia Have Something In Common

Yeah, I guess the DSi is neat. But what intrigues me most is the downloadable game store.

Even though DS games are fantastic, the system has a ridiculously high piracy rate since piracy for the device is pretty simple. As such, games targeted at the hardcore teenage male (the ones most likely to have the means to pirate, but also the ones with the most disposable income for games) don’t sell nearly as well as they should.

Luckily, Nintendo has a gargantuan “casual” and kid demographic who don’t pirate games. Otherwise we would have seen the Dreamcast 2 in short order.

The questions I have are: Will the online game store be fully stocked with interesting titles? Will it be easy to purchase games on the handheld? Will the service be promoted enough that a critical mass of users are able to support the momentum to sustain the service?

In the case of WiiWare, the answer is no on all three counts.

In the case of the iPhone App Store, the answer is yes on all three counts.

Whichever model the DSi’s game store draws from will likely reflect on its eventual success or failure.

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