It’s Been A While

Sorry all, I was in Pittsburgh for a week for a wedding and I came back with the plague.

Neat stuff over the past week:

  • I downloaded Duke Nukem’ 3D for XBLA while I was couchbound yesterday. It’s as good as (maybe better than?) I remembered.
  • The system works after all.
  • Despite feeling the oncoming of the Black Death, I officiated one junior varsity game on Monday, one freshman game on Wednesday and a junior varsity game on Wednesday. I had my first situation with a coach on the last one, and while it was within my rights to give him an official warning, I didn’t want to slow the game down. Luckily, he settled down and the problem wasn’t escalated. My fingers were itching over my flag late in the game when he got his fire back:

[Personal Foul Penalty on the other side of the field on one of his players.]
Loudy McCoach: What? What’s the number?
Me: I’ll go find out.
[I scurry to the referee and find out the number.]
Me: It was on 24, coach.
Coach: Are you kidding me? No way! No way did that happen! I’m not that bad of a coach that my guys would do something so stupid! No way!
[Fingers hovers over the flag if he shoots some profanity my way or challenges the other officials.]
Me: You can call a timeout and discuss it with the line judge if you want.
[Coach shuts up because he isn’t the head coach and thus cannot call a time out!]

So good times. We have a housewarming party tomorrow and I’m hoping to be reliably better by then. Wish me luck!

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