Changing Star Rating on iPhone

I’m a Star Rating junkie. My entire library is star-rated and I actively tweak the ratings. I can only fit three-star and higher songs on my iPhone, so it is necessary. When I used to listen to new songs on my iPod, I’d actively change the star rating while I listened. It was a simple procedure: hit the center button a couple times until the star rating came up and then use the scroll wheel to change the rating.

However, when listening to songs on my iPhone, the way to change the star rating wasn’t apparent. And when I googled for “change star rating iphone” or similar I really couldn’t find a way to change on the fly. I certainly didn’t want to write down the star rating and change it when I got home. What do you think I am? A caveman?

Anyway, the answer was staring me in the face the entire time, which is probably why there weren’t any pages on it. I’m posting this in the hopes that Google works its indexing magic and that somewhere someone had the same problem as me and can find this page for the answer.

In the upper-right of your Now Playing area is a small icon that looks like a bulleted list. That icon brings you to the album-view, which I almost never used. When you enter album view, there are five dots at the top. I probably looked at those and did not realize that is where the star rating would go if it existed. In the shot below, you can see what it looks like when something has a star rating. Just touch the appropriate dot for the star rating you wish to give the song. That’s it.

5 thoughts on “Changing Star Rating on iPhone

  1. I think you can also access that view just by clicking on the album art, though that may only work if there’s more than one song on the album.

    I have far too much music to rank it all 😛 but I can see how it would be useful. It’s nice that you can do it on the fly.

  2. YES!!! today you are no 1 for “change rating from iphone”, thanks Google indexing!!

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