Zack’s Fantasies are Deflating

I don’t do Fantasy Football because the folks here at the studio are MEGA HARDCORE (insert death metal growling) about it and it’s expensive. Plus I didn’t want to ruin the football watching season for myself rooting for some WR on the Cardinals instead of enjoying the games. (Fantasy Hoops is another animal. An animal which I have tamed and rule dominant over. Or it rolled over and pretended to obey. Mixed metaphor caution.)

But some of us more casual folks joined in this pool that was an elimination league. You make one pick each week, no line and if your pick loses, you are out. You can’t pick the same team twice in a season. My strategy is to save the “lock” teams for later in the season for when pickings are slim. So my choice was the San Diego Superchargers.



On the more positive side, I bought some new wheels this weekend, got a little bit more moved in to the new home and watched a really fun wrestling PPV at Hooters. Good stuff!

This week I hope to get some time to dig deeper into Mercenaries 2 and Spore hits! I still need to gets ome more time with NFL Head Coach. I’m astounded by the 25 it got at 1UP (no links for silly reviews) as it is a fantastic game. I don’t think the guy knew how to play the game.  Rock Band 2 in one week. This part of the year is great for quality releases and isn’t nearly the deluge of November when more good stuff comes out than can be played by any one human.

Off to mock a hundred screens. I became a UI artist all of a sudden? I looked on the intranet and my title hasn’t changed… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Zack’s Fantasies are Deflating

  1. Rock band 2 comes out in only 1 week? I definitely need to finish moving in.

    I tried playing Head Coach. I also don’t know how to play the game.

  2. Rock Band 2? I need to hang out with you guys way more than I have been over the past several months. 🙂 Also, new wheels? Do tell!

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