Probably Lexcorp, I’d Imagine

Who designs the stuff at party stores?

I wonder because the bar seems pretty low. Thanks to my new phone, I have some examples.

Firstly, let it be known that I’ve worked with DC Comics before. They are sticklers. Superman’s cape is too red. It’s not red enough. Superman can’t be injured. Except by kryptonite. And you can’t have kryptonite. Because Superman always wins. And so on and so forth. So how does this happen:

Is that… a Superman piñata? You are telling me that someone at Warner Brothers or DC Comics said: “Yeah, bullets can bounce off him, but let’s license a product where kids can beat Superman with a small stick, break him open and feast on the candies inside.”

That’s just not right.

But this is worse:

You may not notice this right away, but what’s coming out of the clown’s hands? Is he being crucified? You get thirty-five points for ringing the stigmata, but you can get a whopping one-hundred for ringing the clown’s erect left nipple.

I’m not going into party stores anymore. They confuse and scare me.

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