No industry-related posts lately – I’ve been busy.

Firstly, GDD writing and estimate meetings for my current project are sucking my days dry.

Speaking of dry, we just had a hurricane come sorta close. The studio shut down early yesterday and we went home and played Madden and Rock Band. When given the choice between hurricane and no hurricane, I choose the latter. But if we are just going to be brushed by the outside arms leading to what amounts to just a windy and rainy day, I can live with that.

Sunday-Monday I took a trip out to Salt Lake City for the first time in my life to meet with some colleagues up there. That city is an absolute ghost town on Sunday nights. It is kind of creepy, honestly. I’m a little tired from nine hours of being strapped into a plane in a day and a half period, but I am recovering. It gave me the time to finish Made to Stick and Slide:ology, both of which were useful, informative books. Slide:ology was a bit of preaching to the choir for me, but if you’ve never read a book on presentation design, I’d recommend it highly.

I saw a Hummer logo sticker on a Prius yesterday. When artists talk about juxtaposition, that’s what they mean.

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