It is amazing at how many people cheat at Top 5 lists. You don’t get to say Honorable Mentions. You don’t get to say: “I guess I’d add so-and-so if I could”. That’s cheating. You don’t get to say: “Oh, it changes so often!” Of course it does. That’s just another way to quell the fears of adhering to the constraint.

Five is a constraint. Top five lists are interesting. Top whatever lists are not. If I listed every album or book or game I thought was worth note it would be less interesting than if I could pick only three. The constraint makes it interesting.

Pecha Kucha is very interesting. Your company’s slide shows are not.

PS, my five?

  1. Dream Theater – Images and Words
  2. Radiohead – OK Computer
  3. Transatlantic – Bridge Across Forever
  4. Neal Morse – Testimony
  5. The Clarks – Let It Go

One thought on “Five+

  1. My favorite reply to that first article was #16. That poster, after cheating and listing a top 7, claimed that it was not a difficult task.

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