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The always eloquent and classy David Jaffe, ladies and gentlemen (via MTV Multiplayer, of course):

Alot of the net posters commenting on this story are assuming game devs who want this treatment are ego maniacs. They then go on to say that movie stars and movie directors are ok to ask for it because that’s just how it is, but game makers are assholes if they as for such treatment. To these folks I say: go fuck yourself.

Side note: I agree with him. Game creators should get the same props as movie creators. But how do we credit the right people? Movies rarely focus on the screenwriter front and center yet they have quite possibly the biggest impact on the production along with the director. Executive producers of films love to get their names on the trailers (Quentin Tarantino), but do they really matter to the creative responsibility of the project? Who do we put on the cover? The Executive Producer? The Studio General Manager? The Project Lead? The Lead Designer? The Writer? The Lead’s Voice-Over Guy? Or just the studio name? I don’t know. If the question had an easy correct answer, there would probably be people fighting for it.

There are games I’ve worked on that I’d rather have Alan Smitheed. I’d rather my recognition come from my peers than get any name recognition from the public. The public pretty much hates everything anyway.

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