Two Minutes Hate

I’m not understanding the vitriol surrounding Celebrity Sports Showdown. If the avatar was Mario instead of LeeAnn Rimes, you wouldn’t see 3/4 of the anger. Here’s Joystiq’s news post:

Go skiing with Fergie in Celebrity Sports Showdown: And then kill yourself immediately, please. We suggest taking your copy of Celebrity Sports Showdown, EA Canada’s zeitgeist fart and 12-sport minigame miasma, and wedging it vertically between a few issues of Teeny Bopper Monthly before leaping into it, face first, using the mound of self-pity you’ve buried yourself in over the years as a diving platform. Trust us, it’ll be less damaging to your dignity than spending this holiday cruising over icy bumps with the mistress of lady lumps.

And why anger? Indifference I can see. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games will surely be a poorer playing game, but it sold three million units. Wii Sports Resort will feature less variety, but will likely be eaten up with a spoon.

I don’t know if the game will be any good or not. I know as much as you do. But the framing aspect of the release and the response thus garnered by the hardcore just fascinates me.

The snark and downright mean-spiritedness coming from “those two” sites is just tiring and disappointing. Would these bloggers say those things to the designers when they inevitably get called up to preview the game? No, probably not. They’ll just mumble out some suggestions while grimacing over that the game isn’t for them. So when they come to write their posts, why aren’t they just honest and say “here’s what we know about the game and it probably isn’t something I’d like and here is why”.

Instead they play the “too cool for school” role where everything is beneath them and they fire off the cheap ha-has like some class clown with self-esteem issues. And if it is too far to make an outright claim such as “Henry Hatsworth rips off Proffessor Layton” which they know to be untrue or disingenuous, then they put some snark into their post or header image and let the troll brigade at it.

You can be snarky if you wish. Hell, I sure am. And you can be mean. We’re big boys and girls. We can take it. Just be honest and fair. And switch it up a bit. It’s okay to like something that may be a little against the grain for your colleagues. It’s all we ask.

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