Things That Are Fantastic

With all the negativity about, here’s the first in a series of things that are fantastic. No griping allowed in these posts.

Dream Theater is finally in Rock Band. I was jazzed about hearing they would have a song in Rock Band 2, but having DLC right now for a dollar is lemon icing.

We’re moving to a new house. The lease is up for some of our friends so our two’s company is turning into four’s company in a sprawling palatial mansion or such. Happening in September.

Being an official. Back in June, with full intentions of learning to become a basketball official for the winter, I signed up to be a football official for the fall as well. Now, ten weeks of training and buying silly costumes later, I’ll be officiating at a Pop Warner scrimmage on the 19th. At the end of August, Freshman/JV/Varsity games start. If I get to officiate a varsity game, I’ll let everyone know! (But not which one. Google has eyes.) I’m sort of excited to give back to the community after a little over three years of living down here. I have high hopes for this. Some of the folks in my association have been officiating since before I was born. Some even made it the whole way up to the NCAA or NFL levels!

4 thoughts on “Things That Are Fantastic

  1. Exciting! Can’t wait to come visit; I miss you guys! And congrats on becoming an official. That sounds like it’ll be fun and fulfilling.

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