First Turn Win

Via Kotaku regarding Blitz: The League: The Sequel:

Now, you’ll have the opportunity to specifically target an area of the opponent to injure. You have a Clash meter (which fills up after making great plays or late hits), so if your meter is high enough when you’re about to make a sack or tackle, the game will slow down (think bullet-time) and enter into a mini-game where you’ll pick the area you want injure (head, arms, chest, etc…). Once you’ve selected the area, you will have to mash the buttons to get a meter to fill before time expires. The more the meter is filled, the more damage they’ll sustain.

It’s not too often I can get to do this with only the press release/preview info, but… BINGO!

I mean, it could be good. I haven’t played it. But having those four items kick off the previews isn’t a promising sign. I’m sure plenty of fourteen year old boys will eat it up with bread and a coke.

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