Informed Choice

If you are going to ask the public for a simple ABC input, why are you hiding it behind a registration wall, Ubi? I refer to their “Choose an Achievement” promotion for Prince of Persia.

Beyond that, here’s what I don’t like about it. None of us potential voters have played the game, so we have no context for making this decision. Is finding long grip falls fun? I don’t know, so why would I choose that option? Is it interesting to run across the whole map? I don’t know. Will I master every fight combo anyway? Or conversely, will it take twenty hours of grinding? Me and you are not equipped to make that decision.

None of these achievements sound like that much fun if you assume Prince of Persia to be like every other action game of the last five years. So what is the point of the promotion? Can the design team really not decide between those three? If it is a simple marketing move, you think they could have given us more interesting options. Give us some hints as to why the game will be different than any other action game out there and we will be excited and your marketing spend will be justified.

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