Seriously, People

Ok, what the hell. What. the. Hell.

Go buy Boom Blox. Don’t say you did. You didn’t. I’ll even provide a link for you so you don’t have to go searching. There. Do you really want a video game market where short, fun, play experiences are proven to be unprofitable? Do you want to be stuck with only the most bland, triangulated blockbusters that marketing teams can put together? If Boom Blox fails, you won’t see reaching for innovative play from EA for years.

I was incredulous when I heard they’d only sold through 60,000 units. To this company 60k is rounding error. I understood with Psychonauts and Shadow of the Colossus as those don’t have the instant visceral appeal of Boom Blox. Those games were meant for us nerds. No excuses with Blox. It is quality. Go get it.

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