This Is Your Brain

I haven’t posted any real content in five days, so mea magna culpa.

I’ve been busy. I’m excited about the new title I am working on, if we actually get to make it how it looks in my head. That’s all I can say. I’ve found the hardest part of game design to be the interpersonal relationships involved in communicating ideas and eliciting trust.

I’ve been reading the book Brain Rules after seeing it recommended on Garr Reynolds’ blog and it is a fantastic read. It is everything you wanted to know about how we understand the brain but didn’t know you wanted to know. 🙂 The author keeps a very light-toned James Burke sort of style, teasing in the following section at the end of the current one. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who has to present anything to any sort of audience – which is most of us, but it is of great use to game designers. I may make a Library section some day soon with all the books that have been helpful to me thus far in my career. The list would be small now, but it’s expanded by two this year alone.

I’m still suffering through GTA4. Every day, I uncover a new bug that makes me unhappy. There are some simple usability tweaks that R* could have done to this game that would allow me to put up with them (save anywhere, jump to a place you’ve been before as in Oblivion, make the cops less omniscient) but as such every time I get killed thanks to the targeting reticule deciding against targeting the guy with the shotgun 10 feet in front of me and instead focusing on the guy a hundred yards away, I have to grind out the getting a taxi / driving halfway across the world and it gives me plenty of time to stew over what I don’t like about the game.

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