Deca Sports is everything wrong with Wii Product Development. I have not played it and I will not play it. I guarentee the following was said during development by someone-in-charge:

  1. People like Wii Sports, let’s design something that for all intents and purposes looks like Wii Sports (even the packaging!). People will buy it in droves!
  2. Why is it better than Wii Sports? Um, well, Wii Sports has five sports… we have twice as many!
  3. What’s this talk about being deep? This is a casual game. It needs to be accessible. If I can’t beat it on the first try, it is too complicated. This is the Wii audience, people.
  4. Are you finished with Badminton yet? Why not? You needed to start on Archery last week! Worry about tuning the controls later. How much tuning could it need? You just shake the Remote!
  5. Of course, you think it isn’t fun. The game isn’t for you. It’s casual.
  6. We don’t need a sophisticated AI. This is supposed to be a social game. You are playing it wrong if you are by yourself.
  7. Remember what I said about playing by yourself? I was wrong, we need a bullet point for single player too. How about tournaments? Challenge mode? You can throw that together real quick, right?

Can you tell how tired I am of this strategy?

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