First, the headline…

Penguins honor Beaver County teenager with cancer

…is horribly and hilariously ambiguous. Secondly, the kid gets an e-high five from me for the following quote. Non-Pittsburghers: Rooney owns the Pittsburgh Steelers and Lemieux is part-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kevin McClatchy, majority owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, much like his team during most games, was absent.

As John Challis was standing between Mr. Lemieux and Mr. Rooney, he looked at them and said, “Wow. I never thought I’d be talking with two owners of sports teams in the city.”

“There’s only one missing,” Mr. Lemieux said, referring to the Pirates.

John quickly replied, “Yeah, but at least the two winners are here.”

Oh, snap!

One thought on “Words

  1. I watched this story between periods of the game. The kid had THE perfect Pittsburghese accent. It was horrifying and beautiful at the same time, like something directly out of a WDVE skit.

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