Tom Chick is much better at the whole journalism thing than I:

I’ve variously read that the GTA4 storyline is “Oscar worthy”, “Oscar-caliber”, and “our Citizen Kane”, which makes me cringe. It just goes to show that the average games writer wouldn’t know a good story if it played itself for him. I still think it was a great game – yes, great – in spite of significant shortcomings. But now that I’m done, I wish Rockstar had made a better game for Liberty City and I wish they had written a better story for Niko Bellic. Because these are two of the most memorable characters you’ll meet in any videogame.

I’m not finished with the story mode yet, but I keep feeling anticipation that the Big Artistic Moment is coming if I’m patient enough. I had the same disappointment over the lack of such Moment in Bioshock. This is less of a rag on Rockstar, as GTA4 is better than anything I’ve been allowed to put out there and more of a rag on the Fanboy Media for failing to challenge us developers.

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