Game Design Workshop

I just discovered the GDC pictures that Robin Hunicke (MySims, Boom Blox) put up on her blog a few weeks ago. First, not only is she a cheerfully vibrant person that made the Game Design Workshop tolerable on what little sleep I was running on, but she is an excellent photographer. So if you want to know what the Game Design Workshop is all about, check out the photos. The extremely sparse captioning makes it even more compelling because even though I was there, I’m WTFing at some of the pictures. It looks like we all had a great time!

Removing the context from some of them made for some really compelling shots. I was looking at this one for about thirty seconds before I realized that was my handwriting. Then I remembered the card game we created from which the shot comes, but explaining it I think would take away from the beauty of the shots.

One of my favorites has to be this one of Frank Lantz (Parking Wars, Chain Factor). I guess he is psychic?

Moral of the post: go to the Game Design Workshop.

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