Leisurely Stroll

This is too long to Twitter so it is going here. I went to the West Oange Trail today to bike for the first time this year and found they extended the trail out from the start at Killarney to the west.

Having never been on this trail (and having been a big huge fan of the West Orange Trail) I decided I’d try it out. It was to my surprise that I spent the first mile or so going downhill. This should be surprising to anyone who has been to Central Florida seeing as one can probably stand on their tiptoes from Orlando and see Miami. I digress. Going downhill is nice, but it has an ugly side – you eventually have to go uphill. I went to the end of the world…

…and turned back and started the ascent. Having not biked in seven months or so took its toll. I was so gassed by time I got back to my start point (breaks are for the weak, I tried to keep cadence as long as I could) that I decided I’d curtail my trip and only go to WInter Garden and back on the West Orange Trail. This decision was assisted by the fact that my pedal strap broke AND that since I was wearing regular bike shorts, I didn’t bring my iPod to distract me (yes, I know listening to music is dangerous and illegal). So I did that and came back.

Total miles: 14.5. Total time: 72 minutes. Extremely weak if I say so myself and I post this to shame myself into getting back into better riding shape. I’ve been using the bikes at the gym when I go, but it doesn’t really compare to having to deal with real world conditions. Gross.

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