So yesterday I had a mini-bitch session over the ridiculously unlearned crap spewed out over on the Joystiq blog.

Today Newsweek’s “Level Up” blog responds with a comprehensive analysis of the situation from a legal situation that doesn’t delve too deep into legalese. It’s really the best analysis of the controversy I’ve read to date.

And there is the difference between the two blogs. Joystiq is a land of fanboy flotsam and jetsam that really doesn’t care too much about quality as long as they have quantity and snark down pat where Newsweek takes a journalist’s approach, finds the right sources and provides a service for the reader’s time. While I’m not always interested in what Croal posts, when I am I find it to be informative and worthwhile.

It’s not that I think the “Let’s Get Dugg” format Joystiq, Kotaku, et al uses is worthless. There’s a lot of press releases and interviews out there and it is nice to get them aggregated. They should just realize they have to raise the bar off the ground if they want to try journalism. One man’s opinion.

Update: Joystiq has a rebuttal posted now that is a little more learned.

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