Achievement Unlocked

MTV Multiplayer asks: Can Video Game Marketing Teams Make Better Xbox 360 Achievements?

My answer: NO

Designers design features. Marketing folk help inform the designers as to what people are expecting and they help sell the game. Marketing can and should work with design to hit points marketing feels is important, but the call should be on Design.

Nobody but marketing people think that having a secret Call of Duty 4 achievement that unlocks when you watch a Call of Duty 5 trailer that may hit sometime in the future is a fun idea. You want people that have already bough Call of Duty 4 to watch the Call of Duty 5 trailer. Why? In the hopes that they will buy Call of Duty 5? How about instead of worrying about gimmicks, let the developers make a kick-ass amazing game without gumming up the works with the latest industry buzz-terms and people will line up for the sequel.

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  1. This is totally irrelevant to the post, but I wanted to say that I like the picture at the top of the site. Is that new or am I really unobservant/behind? Either way, it’s good stuff.

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