Comment Threads and Other Self-Mutilation

I don’t know why I read comment threads. It’s like petting a mad dog knowing I’m going to get bitten. I know there is going to be boundless stupidity, yet I still read what people have to say. I guess it is because part of my job is having a good handle on what the community is excited about/hates, but that is tough to do when they are so self-contradictory.

Take for example this recent thread on Peter Moore’s blog that announces there won’t be a Madden 2009 on PC this year. There’s pretty much universal outrage for this despite the fact that it isn’t feasible for EA to make the investments to continue the product. I understand the disappointment there, but what I don’t understand is the response. Many of these folks are in the same post asserting that Madden PC has been a piece of shit for years AND that they are beyond pissed off that a 2009 version isn’t coming out. Huh?

If I was on Madden, I’d say that if you don’t like the games, don’t buy them. Nobody on the team is like: “You know what? Fans would really hate this, let’s do it. That’ll show ’em.” Decisions that are  unpopular are usually done because of time, resource, or technology constraints. I know it isn’t a perfect game, but I also know how hard people are working to turn it into something better and get it ready for ship every year. If Grand Theft Auto had to come out in nine-month cycles, you would see some of the same problems. Actually, it would probably be a better situation for Rockstar simply because the simulation of an 11-on-11 game of football is more complicated than one guy shooting some NPCs that only need to know how to hide and shoot back.

The ironic part of the whole thing is that thanks to the crazy people kibitzing all the time, the team is probably even less likely to listen to the community because they will assume that they don’t know what they are talking about and will froth at the mouth regardless of what the team puts out.

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