Parking Wars, redux

I recently posted a bit about Parking Wars, the Facebook game that takes the electrifying feeling of parking your car and turns it into an awesome asynchronous,  real-time, insert-other-adjectives, social game. I just wanted to relate the story of yesterday’s parking misadventures.

On Thursday morning I check Parking Wars and see that my roommate’s girlfriend has ticketed him very early in the morning with the comment “See you in 20 hours”. Since I know she is a hospital nurse that works twelve hour shifts, I say “A ha!” and park my cars illegally all over her street. She can’t stop me because she’ll be at work all day! Mwahaha. Then I go into work with the smug sense of satisfaction that comes when you delude yourself into thinking that you are freaking brilliant.

When I log onto Facebook in the afternoon, I find all of my cars have been ticketed and removed! Impossible! It turns out my roommate had logged into his girlfriend’s account and ticketed me for her! The deceit is Earth-shattering. The Earth has been shattered by the deceit.

But isn’t the level of social engineering involved with this simple little game remarkable?

5 thoughts on “Parking Wars, redux

  1. Parking Wars is one of the most interesting games out there…
    Suppose you and your roommate ticket each other; money is transferred from one account to the other and back, it’s a zero-sum game.
    If, however, you play without tickets – then both of you earn $5K per car per 12hr. So if you’re really good friends, you can make a ton of money without effort…
    Now suppose you have another friend who doesn’t care about the game. You can use his dummy account to park illegally on your street, and then ticket him over and over again. There’s no 15-minute minimum to ticketing, so you get $100 for each ticket – up to $144K per day per car – even if the dummy has no money…

  2. i’d like to know how to get the last few badges. i’m up to like 16 and i just can’t seem to get the last 4… it’s a lot of fun when my friend is playing we’ve gotten 7 in one night and had a blast

  3. I think I missed getting the blue cars, is there a way for me to get the small little blue cars, or have I gotten to a level 4, or money where I cannot get the small cars, and the blue ones, at that, I am a parking master, and I can get the special cars, and I can, when the money is right get my limo, or ICT, in a blue, but I have this facination with a small blue cars, trucks, things like that. Can you help?

  4. The normal cars you start with and the normal cars you get to choose from when you level up are random. There’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. I started the game with two identical red hatchbacks. You get to choose the color when you buy the special cars.

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