Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Step 1: GameSetWatch posts an article on how reviews are automatically tainted by inherent biases at base levels that ultimately reflects on final scoring and drowns overarching points and criticism using Smash Bros. Brawl as an example.

Step 2: Article gets linked on Kotaku and highlights the criticism of Brawl instead of the argument.

Step 3: Fanboys who don’t know how to read start commenting on the Kotaku post on how the review was biased instead of on the points of the article.

Favorite quote:

High percentage of total content to unlock – In what way is this a bad thing? Everything should be unlocked from the start? That’d be dumb. There’d be no reason to play any of the modes at all

Uh… maybe because games themselves should be fun rather than a grind to unlock the next carrot? I know we are all so used to the hamster wheel of WoW and all…

Fanboys. Can’t live with them. Can’t turn a profit without them.

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