Teaching Teachers

I’m hoping this gets linked all over the Internet today, but Clint Hocking has posted an invitation to the folks who want to ban Bully that is the most rational, even-handed and thoughtful approach to this book-burning video-game banning debate I’ve ever read.

It’s pretty obvious to me (and likely anyone whose played the game, which, interestingly enough, Clint hasn’t) that the outrage is based on the faulty assumption that Bully = Grand Theft Auto + School. It’s easy to make that assumption. The creators have made some morally reprehensible games in the past and the bullet list on the back of the box reads similarly to GTA: open world, free-form, missions, factions, &c. But once you play the game, you realize that while many of the mechanics are similar to what’s going on in GTA, the main character isn’t some sociopath insisting the player act out some repressed sadist fantasy. The game shouldn’t have been called something as provocative for the media as Bully. I think that is 90% of the problem.

But I’m preaching to the choir. Click the link.

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