Phrase of the Week

Okay, kids. Via Jonathan Coulton, the phrase of the week is: “chicken-shit cockhole“.

Game developers have to deal with the same bullshit that he speaks of, except we have the beautiful cushion of a guaranteed paycheck (in most established places) to do so. In return, we give up some degree of creative freedom.

It’s easy to slag something on the Internet. Especially games. But I revel in wishing unique tortures on little punks who post 1/10 user comments on Metacritic or write some snarky comment on Kotaku about a game being shit. The game might be shit, but if you want to help anyone, at least try to be intelligent about why you thought so. I’ve done shitty games in the past that deserve to be slagged, but they deserve to be slagged with a modicum of class and intelligence because a team of twenty-two hundred killed themselves for a year-four years to get it out to you. You get a special exemption if you know what kind of Death Marches happen in these cases first-hand, but if you are some punk “game enthusiast”, you really should ratchet up the humility knob.

Also: There will be a special place in hell for Youtube commenters.  I don’t know what sort of social defects those people have, but it is best we quarantine them early and enforce some sort of castration program.

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