This is what Game Designers have to deal with every time they tell someone over the age of thirty that they are a Game Designer.  Because we exist solely to corrupt kids. When there isn’t a Doom or a Postal out on shelves to vilify, folks with an agenda will just make one up out of whole cloth.

I only comment on politics to my closest friends, because honestly, I really don’t care what anyone else has to say on the subject, so I doubt you care what I have to say. But this kind of stuff is so important, that you have to fight. It’s not a matter of Republicans or Democrats – it is a matter of freedom and censorship. Both parties have arms that want to cripple any attempts at artistic expression. And these arms have money and power. What starts as a filler media hit-job can easily escalate into a full blown campaign – especially in an election year.

So fight it. Fight it with everything you have or studios will never want to risk putting out anything with any emotional impact. Every movie will be Beach Blanket Bingo and every game will be Pong.

All the games I’ve designed have been rated E. I like designing E games because I like the idea of families being able to play together. But given the opportunity, I would write the most emotionally-driven, meaningful, mature game I could muster because I think the industry needs that too. Games are not for kids and maladjusted manchildren. Games are a bold new art form and artists need to demand that it receives the same respect as the written word, music and film. Just because children’s books exist does not mean all books need be nursery rhymes.

You won’t read further postings on politics on this blog unless it pertains to this issue.

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