Chris Ware

God, I don’t seem to be able to go anywhere without running into something by Chris Ware. I first discovered him in Issue #13 of McSweeney’s, which he guest-edited and which is one of my top three issues of all time. Then, the Thanksgiving before last, he did a couple of incredible covers for The New Yorker, which I subscribed to at the time. Then, he did the poster for The Savages, which I plan to see at the Enzian in a month. Then, I get my latest issue of Virgina Quarterly Review, which features his art on the cover. Then of all places, Chris Onstad of Achewood does a strip in his style. The guy is getting eyeballs. His style is very distinctive, but his storytelling can be quite confusing. I think it is mostly because he doesn’t follow the convention usage of panel placement, but that is part of what makes his style unique. It makes me feel a video game that isn’t browser-based needs to take it and run.

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