To The Nines x Three Sheets = 27 Metaphor Points

This is going to be fairly disjointed because I don’t have much substantial to say on any one thing.

On Rewind. Why don’t games have a rewind feature to cutscenes?  Mark brought this up in a comment to an earlier thread, but I found a need for it this past Friday. I was playing Mass Effect and I am fairly close to the end. There’s a very informative exchange going on when I get a phone call. I assume that I will be reaching a decision point shortly, so I let it run. But as I’m talking on the phone the guy keeps talking. I obviously wasn’t paying close attention because I was on the phone, but I was paying enough attention to realize I was missing stuff before I hit the guide button to pause the game. I know it isn’t terribly immersive to have rewinding, but I’d have to play another 20-something hours to reach that branch of dialogue again – give me a little leeway to replay it if I must.

I am Legend. No spoilers, don’t worry. I went to see this with the Lady and friends on Friday and I was pleasantly surprised at the emotional breadth (not depth) of the flick. I was expecting a shock fest with vampire-zombie thingies and it definitely delivered ther, but it also delivered a solid story, much better than The Omega Man. Why wasn’t there a tie-in video game? It seems so obvious since it foregos one of the least immersive aspects of open-world games, NPCs and New York has natural boundaries in the fiction. I’ll keep it on the back burner.

Gallivanting. We had the company Christmas party over the weekend. The company always takes it to the limit – tre classy. It’s always a blast to see how coworkers go to the nines. I may put a picture or two up at some point, but people will find new ways to surprise you when they put their three sheets to the wind.

iPod. I downloaded two iPod games this morning on a whim – Phase and Brain Challenge. I’ll post some impressions when I get some time in.

A Christmas Story is definitively the greatest Christmas movie of all time. There is no debate here.

3 thoughts on “To The Nines x Three Sheets = 27 Metaphor Points

  1. I love you, Zack, but you’re insane (which I already knew). A Christmas Story is definitively the WORST Christmas movie of all time. My personal favorites are the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Rudolph.

  2. See, Erin, I’m very understanding of my friends’ flaws. Even though you have a truly dreadful taste in movies and colleges, I overlook that and we can still be friends.

  3. Colleges? Excuse me, but YOU are the person who told me I should look at and go to UCF because you were a lonely emo whiner. Besides, my loans will be paid off before yours, so 😛

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