Searchers: My name is spelled with a K, not an H

I had a good chuckle at Buttonmashing‘s Tony’s appraisal of weird search strings that lead people to his site. So thanks to those wonderful geniuses at Google, here’s a nice sample of Google strings that people used to get to in the last month or so:

  • “ascii art coheed and cambria” – Much like nuts and gum, two things that I like but have never put together.
  • “can’t get hands off achievement” – Look pal, what you do with your hands is none of my business.
  • “games that you shoot” – Thankfully, one can use Google to find such a narrow set of games.
  • “how can a man who is poor become a bodybuilder” – I’m pretty sure the only juxtaposition of poor and bodybuilder comes from my RE5 trailer post. But my advise for that searcher: Lift heavy things. It worked for Arnold before he came to the States!
  • “olly brait pic” & “zeeman motors web site” – Huh?

I almost feel like creating nonsensical word pairings in my posts at random intervals just to see if they result in search hits. For instance: “slaying of insignificant cranberries” or “herd-like nondairy seminary”. Also: I’ve had very little sleep over the last three days which is quite helpful in creating nonsense phrases.

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