Eggrolls! Revenge!

So someone agrees with what I said about pandering to the hardcore, only this is in regards to Guitar Hero instead of sports games.

And I guess I am also not the only one who thought “Battle Mode” was a terrible idea from a design standpoint (you can’t add randomness to a game that is about skill mastery) and not the only one who found the game to be as surprisingly chauvinistic.

Other notes from the weekend: How do you review the Simpsons game? This shows the inherent flaw in the numerical ratings system and it shows in the reviews. The camera is broken, the controls are terrible, the graphics show numerous errors during cutscenes and there are some absolutely stupefying general and level design decisions (no co-op in-between missions?). Yet the game is fun. Why? Because the writing is clever, irreverent and different from what we normally see in games. And that is enough to push you forward. So do you rate a game for its execution of technical aspects or do you rate the game for how enjoyable it is? It’s fairly obvious that game reveiwers don’t know the answer so they aim somewhere in the middle and assign a random “average” number.

The Simpsons Game is worth playing, even to just borrow off a friend. To compare it to other games with a similar rating and assume that it provides a similar amount of fun on the little circle of plastic is folly. The linked game is junk and the Simpsons game has redeeming qualities.

EDIT: A related story via Joystiq.

2 thoughts on “Eggrolls! Revenge!

  1. I can’t agree with you more, on all points.

    I hhad to wuss out on the guitar battle against Slash.

    To add to this, you can’t play the battle songs against a friend, which is the only time they’d be fun.

  2. I’m pretty sure you can play Battle mode songs in multiplayer. It’s in the menu where you pick co-op, face off, pro face off, etc.

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