At High Levels Of Defs

I loves me my HD – can’t get enough of it. Planet Earth on Discovery Channel was a win. I was strolling leisurely through Circuit City yesterday when the giant “300” standee with the 27 abs jumped out at me. It had the DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs there for the purchasing. I’ve been purposefully ignorant of the “next-gen” dvd format wars simply because I don’t have a player so I don’t care. I started thinking about getting an HD-DVD player when it was announced that Heroes would only be on HD-DVD. This was before I saw what highway robbery these discs were. $14 for the DVD… nice. Or $30 for Blu-Ray or $35 for HD-DVD… not so nice. There was a premium for DVDs over VHS tapes because there was a fundamental difference in the media – no rewinding, higher quality, no degradation, special features. Who is going to pay twice as much for an upgrade for only “improved quality” when the quality of DVDs is already excellent?

This makes me sad because I really wanted some Heroes in HD, but there’s no way I’ll pay twice as much for it.

Also, if you go into Circuit City while the 300 caps are over their security sensors by the doors, note how different the main character’s torso is on those covers compared to the DVD cover. It is like they painted a completely different set of abs on him to be more frightening. It doesn’t even look human.

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