Too Many Commas

What an abominable weekend.

For the past two weeks, I have been working on writing a story of indeterminate length (novel? novella? I dunno.) only to realize that it is crap. I know that most writers feel their work is crap until the third revision or so, but looking back on my first 15,000 words I see a great plot with passable dialogue, terrible characterization (always my weakest point), terrible imagery/form and terrible pacing. I guess that is better than the opposite since it is tough to edit your way into a good plot. I’m trying to decide whether I should a) continue hammering out words regardless, b) go back and start an early edit and try to get my shit together before proceeding or c) give up. The idea was that this would be an unpublishable practice novel in the first place, but I’d hate to waste free time on crap. I don’t know what convinced me to start with it, but I had some free time, I blinked and six thousand words came out. Applications for muses are available in the front office.

Also: I took my roommate to drop off his car this morning. He was in an accident and it needs work on the frame, tail pipe, etc. As soon as I turn in to the place to pick him up, I feel a hesitation on my brakes. As I go to turn around, I realize that I now only have breaks if I push the entire way to the floor. Fantastic. My car now is in a shop on the other side of town. And yes, I drove on I-4 without any real brakes to speak of. In retrospect, it was a good idea, since the other way home was full of more stops and starts. I used my four ways and such so everyone could pass me and realize I’m not just some putz who actually drives the speed limit.

Also: The Simpsons Movie is quite enjoyable. I am very used to outgrowing the franchises I grew up with such that the inevitable Movie-ication of the story/characters/ideas feels contrived and stupid. This PVP comic re: the “live-action” Underdog movie makes the point better than I could. Luckily, the Simpsons movie plays out like five consecutive TV episodes plus additional swears and gags that they could never get away with on television. And it never gets to be tiring like the reports of other movie-fied cartoons of recent months. Kudos.

I don’t feel so old when I realize I was six when the Simpsons first aired.

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