Momentary Di-version

I haven’t posted anything of substance in a while. That makes me a sinner.

NCAA Football 08 came out yesterday. There are two reviews up 90 and 81 respectively, which I would have killed for on an original title but on a franchise increment, it feels kind of disingenuous since we started the year with a good game. I don’t feel I personally earned those scores, but I really didn’t have any say in the matter. I particular like how the IGN article called Points Pursuit “an interesting diversion” since that was pretty much what it was designed to be. I was really worried that reviewers and fans would pick it apart as a waste of time since they want it to be the simmiest sim that ever simmed a sim. No one has yet mentioned that the ball catches fire with the light of a thousand suns every third play.

So that went well considering what happened last time.

Additionally, I’m helping the lady-friend work her way through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I’m a little sad that the 360’s emulation isn’t perfect. The voice track likes to st st stutt stutter and I forgot how quirky the game was. But what really shocked me was how old the game feels. It is still as fun as I remember it, but it feels like I am playing something retro. It is only four years old. It makes me wonder what we will be playing four years after Mass Effect. We will probably look back at Oblivion and laugh at its seven voice actors and Mario-esque foot pinning. I’m reasonably sure we will laugh at all the damn blooming everywhere.

There has been one instance of mega-bloom that I found acceptable. There is a track in DiRT that ends with a tunnel followed by a 90 degree left turn. The only thing is, you can’t really see the turn coming because after the tunnel everything is so bright. This makes sense. You were driving in a tunnel and your eyes haven’t adjusted. The mega-bloom makes sense. But who the hell designs a road like that? Really.

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