And the Cover Looks Like a Romance Novel

Here’s a game article that uses q, x and z in the space of five words. The z was on a triple word score as well, so that’s mega points.

No one I’ve talked to has been impressed with what has been released about All Pro 2k8. I’m all for it if it is actually a fantastic product, but if their only revolutionary features are “We aren’t Madden!” and “Remember how good we were five years ago?” then I don’t think the strategy is going to pay off too well. It’s ultimately going to be a decent playing game, but everyone here has been holding their breath for their megaton feature that trumps having the NFL license. The more that comes out, the less the tension in the air becomes.

Also: I’ve been coding in ASP.NET all day. Anyone that willingly chooses ASP.NET or willingly chooses to foist that on someone is a Grade-A jerkwad.

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