Realism or… uh… not… Realism?


On what the NFL would like to see improved in Madden…:  “A lot of it are simply tweaks. Feedback coming from our guys who review our rulebook day in and day out, something as benign as this official should be positioned a little closer to the sideline on these particular plays or just some obscure calls with respect to punts or field goals. They are pretty much that, they are tweaks because they do the game, EA does the game fantastically well for us and we’re just there, again, to make it as close to what’s happening on the field as possible.”

On the stuff that is said in real life compared to the content allowed in the game…: “Sometimes there are things said that a microphone picks up, and I’m not just talking about expletives, it’s just something a little too negative. It happens. We’re not going to say that never happens. We’re never going to say that everything that’s said on the field is squeaky clean. But when it comes to a licensed product where we have the ability to make sure everything is good, we have the time, we have the opportunity to make those decisions about what is going to stay, what’s not going to stay.”

Emphasis added by me. Just an observation.

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